PA: Unique Find: Ole Covered Wagon Tours

I’ve always been fascinated by our country’s westward migration, and thought it might be romantic to be a pioneer and travel on a covered wagon (in modern times). Well, lo and behold, there is a covered wagon tour in Pennsylvania: The Ole Covered Wagon Tours.

Ole Covered Wagon Tours
Ole Covered Wagon Tours [photo credit: Tioga County Visitors Bureau]
Located in beautiful Tioga County, PA, along the northern border, the Ole Covered Wagon Tours takes adventurers on a ride through the wondrous Pennsylvania Grand Canyon on a horse-drawn covered wagon. Who knew Pennsylvania even had a Grand Canyon!

While the horses wend their way along the Pine Creek Rail Trail, your tour guide will expound on the history of the Canyon, going well back into the 19th century. You’ll learn about the region and its natural resources while enjoying a fun and relaxing ride.

Ole Covered Wagon Tours

Comfortable Covered Wagons

The handcrafted wagons, similar to those used in the 1800s are pulled by powerful draft horses. They are custom-made for the Canyon rides, and have comfortable, cushioned seats and a canvas cover to protect from the weather. Blankets are provided on chilly days. The sides are open for ideal viewing of the Canyon, foliage and wildlife. Keep your eyes peeled to see if you can spot a bobcat, whitetail deer, otters, mink, woodchucks and eagles.

Ole Covered Wagon Tours, run by the Daggett family, is a family owned and operated business. Rides begin and end at the head of the Grand Canyon in Ansonia at the family farm. Take the time to enjoy a picnic lunch at their picnic pavilion, and pick up a souvenir or two at the gift shop while you’re there. But use the facilities before the ride—there are none along the route.

Old Covered Wagon Tours

Types of Wagon Rides

Rides include:

  • Summer Waterfall Ride
  • Fall Foliage Waterfall Ride
  • Fall Foliage Classic Ride
  • Summer Classic Tour

The Summer and Fall Foliage Waterfall Rides feature a 3 ½ to 4 hour ride to the Little Four Mile Falls. The walk to the natural Falls is about 100 yards from the wagon parking area. Additional falls are viewable via a short set of steps. Held Wednesdays June through August for the Summer, and Wednesdays in September for the Fall rides.

The Summer and Fall Classic Rides are approximately 2 hours long and takes riders into the heart of the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon to see how it was 200 years ago. The Summer Classic Tour takes place mainly Thursday through Saturdays, June through August. Fall Classic Ride is held daily September and October.

Prices vary, depending on the ride, ranging from $18.00 (child) to $45.00 (adult). Children 3 and under are free. Reservations recommended. Walk-ins accepted. Call ahead to check availability.

Pine Creek Gorge PA
Pine Creek Gorge, Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon [photo credit:]

Pine Creek Gorge: Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon

is a 47-mile gorge with depths of nearly 1,500 feet that was cut into the Allegheny Plateau by the Pine Creek in north-central Pennsylvania. It is located within the 160,000-acre Tioga State Forest that features a rich wildlife habitat and many trails. It begins near Wellsboro and continues south.

While visiting, make a visit to nearby  . You’ll enjoy the charm of the gaslight-lit streets in this quaint, small Victorian town.

Ole Covered Wagon Tours
1538 Marsh Creek Road
Wellsboro, PA 16901
570-724-7443 & 607-857-5256

For more information about this region of PA, contact the Potter-Tioga County Visitor’s Bureau.

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